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Community & Law Enforcement Resources - Prescription Pills
A variety of resources provided by the Medicine Abuse Project.

Community Education
Experience has shown that some of the most innovative and effective approaches to dealing with adolescent drug and alcohol problems begin at the community level.

Disposal of Unused Medicines: What You Should Know
Medicines play an important role in treating many conditions and diseases, but when they are no longer needed itŠ—Ès important to dispose of them properly to avoid harm to others.

Employer's Resource Guide to Workplace Substance Abuse
Substance abuse is common, and the costs of substance abuse are high for employers. Of the 20 million adults classified as having problems with substance dependence or abuse in 2007, approximately 12 million (60%) were employed full time.

Evidence-Based Marijuana Information
Reasonable dialogue regarding marijuana use has historically proven extraordinarily difficult. Fortunately, scientific research has now uncovered a great deal about the effects of marijuana on the basic working of the brain that can form the foundation for a reasonable exchange. CSAM seeks to educate the public so that each voter can make informed decisions.

Get Smart About Drugs
A drug education website for parents, educators, and caregivers for learning about marijuana use and drugged driving; how to identify drug paraphernalia; why spice/K2 is a serious drug trend and more.

Guide to Avoiding Prescription Drug Theft (for Funeral Directors)
There is a potential for medications to be stolen from a home when family members are at their loved one's wake and funeral. Funeral directors can implement best practices and provide medication safety recommendations to families to reduce the availability of prescription medications and prevent misuse and abuse.

Guide to Avoiding Prescription Drug Theft (for Realtors)
There is a potential for medications to be stolen from home sellers during home showings, open houses and moving days. Realtors can implement best practices and provide medication safety recommendations to the home owner to decrease the availability of prescription medications and help prevent abuse.

IMPACT Awareness
IMPACT raises community consciousness about risky drinking and promotes healthy lifestyles.

Information on Addiction for the General Public
Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs. This resource from CSAM gives some basic information for the general public on addiction.

Marijuana's Addictive Potential
This resource aims to give the public information on marijuana's addictive potential, which has historically been underestimated.

MHA Wisconsin 2017-2018 Mental Health & Wellness Resource Guide for Milwaukee County
The guide contains listings of community mental health and substance abuse services/treatment; support and crisis lines; advocacy services; legal resources; youth and family services; a Spanish-speaking resources section; and more.

SAMHSA Medication Log
An electronic version of SAMHSA's prescription medication log so you can keep track of your pills.

Co-occurring Disorders
An easy-to-understand fact sheet on co-occurring disorders, formerly known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.

MCSAP 2019-20 Strategic Plan
MCSAP released its draft 2019-20 Strategic Plan in May 2019.


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The Priorities

MCSAP addresses policies, practices and programs in our two current priority areas: marijuana use among youth and fatal drug overdose, with a particular emphasis on prescription drugs.

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