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looking for health and mental health resources regarding the coronavirus outbreak? Here

seeking Community Advocates' basic needs services and resources during the coronavirus pandemic? Here

looking for youth and family wellness resources during the coronavirus public health emergency? Here

looking for statistics regarding drug abuse in Wisconsin? Here

a young adult looking for information about the effects of drug abuse on yourself and your peers? Here

a concerned parent or family member looking for resources regarding a youth's drug use? Here

an adult looking for information about illegal drug use and abuse? Here

searching for treatment resources for yourself or another person? Here

worried specifically about marijuana use in your community or among your loved ones and looking for information? Here

looking for information about prescription pill abuse? Here

in need of a place to dispose of your unwanted medication? Here

an educator looking for resources to prevent drug abuse by your students? Here

an individual looking for information on how to curb drug abuse in your community? Here


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Talking to Your Kids about Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Ultimate Do's and Don't's Guide
This guide covers the do's and don’t's for talking to your kids about the dangers of addiction and substance abuse, regardless of age. Even if you think your child is well-aware of the risks, as the most important role model in his or her life, it is always necessary to have the conversation. Don’t forget to stress above all that you love your child and will always do what you can to protect them.

Intervention eBook: What To Do If Your Child Is Drinking or Doing Drugs
If you’re concerned about your teen’s drug or alcohol use, then it is time to take action. You can never be too safe or intervene too early – even if you believe your teen is just “experimenting.”

Co-occurring Disorders
An easy-to-understand fact sheet on co-occurring disorders, formerly known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.

MCSAP 2019-20 Strategic Plan
MCSAP released its draft 2019-20 Strategic Plan in May 2019.


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The Priorities

MCSAP addresses policies, practices and programs in our two current priority areas: marijuana use among youth and fatal drug overdose, with a particular emphasis on prescription drugs.

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