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Priorities & Initiatives Dose of Reality

MCSAP Partners with Marquette Basketball for Dose of Reality Outreach

When you attend Marquette men’s basketball games, you’ll get a Dose of Reality.

The Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (MCSAP), has partnered with Learfield, Marquette University Men's Basketball, the Partnership for Success, Dose of Reality, and the Marquette Police Department to host a multifaceted campaign to warn of the dangers of prescription drug overdose. The campaign launched in the 2016-2017 season and is returning in the 2018-2019 men’s basketball season during these games:

  • December 8: Marquette vs. Wisconsin
  • January 12: Marquette vs. Seton Hall
  • January 20: Marquette vs. Providence
  • January 23: Marquette vs. DePaul
  • February 9: Marquette vs. Villanova
  • February 20: Marquette vs. Butler
  • March 3: Marquette vs. Creighton
  • March 9: Marquette vs. Georgetown (Senior Day)

“Marquette has become a strong partner in our community’s efforts to combat this deadly prescription drug epidemic,” said MCSAP Coordinator Kasaundra Brown. “It truly does require an all-hands-on-deck response to prevent young people from misusing drugs and potentially becoming an addict.”

At each men’s home basketball game, Dose of Reality PSAs will run on the scoreboard, along with messages on the banner scoreboard. 

They’re also handing out nine types of trading cards featuring eight star basketball players, Steve Wojciechowski, and facts about prescription drug misuse and abuse.

“Marquette basketball is a great venue for these Dose of Reality messages,” said Partnership for Success Coordinator Deavon Collins. “The team’s fans are very loyal and will be less likely to experiment with prescription drugs if they know that their favorite basketball players are encouraging them to live healthy lives.”

Marquette basketball's social media sites are also featuring Dose of Reality messages to make sure that fans who don't attend games are aware of the team's commitment to prevention prescription drug overdose.

An additional component of the campaign is the placement of a secure drug drop-off box at the campus police station at 749 N. 16th Street. Individuals can get rid of their unwanted medication safely and securely to ensure that excess meds don’t get into the hands of someone else and contribute to an addiction.


The Dose of Reality Prescription Painkiller Abuse Prevention, Education, and Awareness effort is a statewide call-to-action aimed at preventing Wisconsin residents from abusing and becoming addicted to prescription opioids (or narcotics). This is a multi-faceted communications effort that involves television, radio, online, print, and outdoor messaging, as well as targeted and specialized materials to be used by the medical community with their patients, law enforcement, and more.