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The Coalition Funded Projects

2018 Stay Strong Milwaukee Grantees

  • Diverse & Resilient
    Project: Thinking Under the Influence
    To reduce the heightened risk of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth to abuse alcohol or other substances, the Thinking Under the Influence initiative aims to increase youth knowledge and skills to reduce the risks associated with using alcohol; prevent and reduce youth binge drinking; delay and/or reduce alcohol use; and address substance abuse disparities evident with LGBTQ youth.

  • Neighborhood House
  • Project: STOP! Commit, Decide, Succeed
    Neighborhood House will provide alcohol and other drug use prevention programming to 150 youth, ages 6-19, through the STOP! Commit, Decide, Succeed: Youth AODA Prevention Project, a multi-intelligence approach focusing on self-awareness and development. The program will use Botvin’s LifeSkills Training curriculum, Too Good for Drugs curriculum, and Photovoice, a strategy that allows youth to communicate how drugs and alcohol impact their community through photography.

  • The Parenting Network
  • Project: Botvin’s LifeSkills Training Curriciulum The Parenting Network will offer the Botvin LifeSkills curriculum with 100 elementary-, middle-, and high school-age youth both in school and in community based settings as part of the Youth Services Department. Targeted participants are vulnerable youth ages 10-18 with an emphasis on youth ages 10-14, primarily within the City of Milwaukee.

  • Pathfinders
  • Project: Botvin’s LifeSkills Training Curriculum Pathfinders’ Drop-In Center will offer Botvin’s LifeSkills curriculum to address the needs of runaway and homeless youth of color and LGBTQ youth who are disproportionately impacted by housing instability in Milwaukee.

  • Running Rebels Community Organization
    Project: Teen Intervene
    Teen Intervene will be implemented by trained Running Rebels facilitators who will meet individually with participants in three one-on-one 60-minute sessions. Teens will look closely at why they used substances, identify underlying emotions and challenges, examine the consequences of their substance use, and learn how to make healthier choices. The program will reach primarily low-income, central city African American teens ages 12-18.

  • United Community Center
    Project: UCC All Stars Program
    The United Community Center’s All Stars is a SAMHSA program model aimed to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and drug use; postpone sexual activity; and reduce fighting and delinquency among middle and high school youth. All Stars will serve 30 at-risk, Hispanic youth ages 11-19 from low-income households.

  • West Allis-West Milwaukee Family Resource Center
  • Project: UCC All Stars Program As part of Safe & Supported-Our Youth, all intermediate and high school students in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District will be surveyed after the fall assembly on substance use/abuse, mental health, and living in homes of addiction. Those who are at-risk will be engaged with Botvin’s LifeSkills Training curriculum to improve protective factors and teach coping skills and stress management techniques.

2017 Stay Strong Milwaukee Grantees

  • COA Youth and Family Centers
    Project: Class Action
    Contact: Greg Reinholt, 414-290-7900 or

    COA Youth & Family Services will provide alcohol and other drug use prevention programming for youth (ages 13-18) participants at its Goldin (2320 W Burleigh St) and Holton (510 E Burleigh St) Community Centers. Programming will include delivery of evidence-based curricula and programs, opportunities for youth to lead and engage in meaningful community improvement and service projects, and educational skill-building AODA prevention workshops for parents of youth participants.
  • Diverse and Resilient
    Project: Thinking Under the Influence
    Contact: Kristen Ramirez, 414-390-0444 or

    In this project, Diverse and Resilient, Inc. (D&R) will implement a community-level, structural and selective intervention, Thinking Under the Influence, aimed at preventing and reducing underage alcohol abuse and binge drinking among LGBT youth and young adults aged 14-24 years; addressing substance abuse disparities evident with LGBT youth/young adults; and advocating for environmental changes that will reduce LGBT youth access to alcohol.
  • Neu-Life Community Development
    Project: LifeSkills Training

    The Stay Strong Life Skills Program will implement the Botvin's LifeSkills curriculum to youth in elementary and middle school grades both after school and during the school day hours. Neu-Life Community Development will teach Life Skills in an identified MPS elementary school and will also implement the program at two of their after school sites, targeting to serve 125 youth in total.
  • Pathfinders Milwaukee
    Project: LifeSkills Transitions Training

    By implementing Botvin LifeSkills Training, youth will learn skills that lead to success in young adulthood by understanding the costs and risks associated with drug and alcohol use, gaining coping skills, and improving general social skills.
  • Silver Spring Neighborhood Center
    Project: LifeSkills Training and Class Action
    Contact: Kaylin Jones, 414-463-7950 or

    Because prevention is critical in saving Wisconsin lives and money, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center proposed to provide a comprehensive prevention program to reduce alcohol and drug use among low-income, urban youth between the ages of 10-19 on Milwaukee's Northwest side. The project will implement Botvin's LifeSkills Program, an evidence-based curriculum.
  • The Parenting Network
    Project: LifeSkills Training

    The Parenting Network (TPN) will facilitate the Botvin LifeSkills Training with 200 elementary/middle and high school age youth both in school and in community-based settings as part of the Youth Services Department. Targeted populations are vulnerable youth ages 10-18 with an emphasis on youth ages 10-14, primarily within the city of Milwaukee.
  • United Community Center
    Project: UCC All Stars Program

    The United Community Center (UCC) All Stars Program is a non gender-specific, collaborative, family-oriented program that is effective in helping to reduce the demand for alcohol and drugs and in reducing the harms created by substance abuse. The All Stars Program will serve 30 at-risk Hispanic youth from low-income households aged 11-19 attending middle/high school in Milwaukee throughout the school year.


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